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From September 2009 Joannah is to present a range of courses in Suffolk and Essex. These innovative and participatory courses have been put together due to regular requests from clients, and cover the topics for which help and advice is most often required. The courses which are marked will include additional input from Joannahs consultants Dr Mark Chambers, Andy Reese or Penny Rush.

If you require further information, please e mail us with your enquiry. Dates, venues and costs will be confirmed shortly.

Youthful Ageing – 1 & 2.*

This course is run over two days, six weeks apart, so participants can share the results they have enjoyed following their all new “plan of action” to revitalise mind, body and spirit! Premature ageing is actually our body expressing signs and symptoms that we can learn to recognise, decipher and act upon. This course will include advice and information on working out the correct diet, exercise, body tonics and treatment options for your individual needs. If you often look and feel tired, carry extra weight, feel full of aches and pains, or merely want to look and feel better  for longer, this is the course for you!
An Introduction to Aromatherapy:

Bottles of essential oils in your cupboard that you don t know what to do with? Do you want to know how to make up your own natural remedies to use at home? Essential oils can provide a safe chemical free alternative to using harsh synthetic chemicals to clean and scent your home safely. They can be used in inhalations for anti-viral/anti-bacterial effects. They can be used to make natural perfumes, for natural first aid, face masks/creams, massage oils, bath preparations, insect repellents and a huge variety of effective home treatments for all the family.

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy & NLP.*

If you have ever wondered what its like to be hypnotised, this course is for you. Covering an explanation of the therapeutic uses for hypnotherapy, this course includes group hypnotherapy sessions for deep relaxation, motivation and boosting confidence and self esteem. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is covered, and NLP techniques that will fascinate and intrigue are always popular. This informative and enjoyable course will leave you feeling ready for the rest of your life in ways that may surprise you!

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression.

Many of us have been intrigued by “de ja vu” experience of meeting someone we know we have not met before and yet they are familiar to us. We go to a place we have never visited, and yet we know what is around the corner…Some of us are just curious to wonder if we have been here before. This day explains the processes behind regression, why it is used therapeutically and how it can be helpful for particular issues. We will then go through the process in a safe and refined way in which each person can have the opportunity to explore positive subconscious memories safely. The latter part of the day will give participants the time to share and compare what they have experienced.
Make Your Own Natural Remedies.

Natural Medicine is all around us, its just most of us do not realise it! This day course covers how you can make a range of Natural Remedies, including creams, lotions, balms, bath preparations, compresses and much more. Food can be used as medicine too, both externally and for their various different medicinal applications. Knowing what to eat for which condition can be a revelation! Learn how to use plants from your garden and from the hedgerows, as well as products from your fridge or kitchen cupboards. Safer, more effective,cheaper and easy to use, making your own remedies can make you more self sufficient, save you money and help provide a more sustainable way of living. Used in addition to medical intervention when required, this knowledge can give you the best of both worlds and make you more aware of your options.
Turbo-Charge Your Confidence.*

Need a new career or a better relationship? Fed up with repeating cycles and negative emotions? Do you hate looking in the mirror and often think badly of yourself and others? This course is designed for those of us who feel stuck in their lives, and need help to understand how to move forwards more positively. It is a fun, participatory day with a powerful and profound effect. Using deep relaxation techniques and creative visualisation, with NLP processes, you will discover for yourself new and exciting resources you never knew you had. Create more of the life you deserve and desire, and enjoy yourself in the process.
Easy Natural Weight Loss – 1 & 2.*

Yes, easy weight loss. If you have tried and tried to loose weight and failed, or put it back on again very quickly, this is the course for you. This course runs over two days, with a gap of 6 weeks so that you can encourage each other with the progress you make in between, and flag up any questions or queries that may have come up. The course will help you understand what signals your body has been giving you that you did not understand. We will show you how to decipher the language, so you know what foods suit you and what do not. We will help you make lifestyle choices that help you reflect a level of health and vitality that you deserve, with a body shape that will mirror the healthy options that you are making. This course will not involve a diet, but will aim to help you understand and improve your relationship with food. The course uses powerful NLP and Thought Field Therapy processes, to release addictive eating habits, and help boost your self image and self esteem. This is an important element that helps reinforce your progress and lessen the likelihood of self sabotage.
Healthy Nutrition For All.

This day is for everyone who has become a little overwhelmed with conflicting information regarding what food is healthy and what is best avoided! Every day new advice is released which seems to directly conflict what was previously announced. Should we drink coffee or not? Is decaf better or worse? “A little wine for thy stomach sake”? Should we have butter or margarine? What about hydrogenated fats? How much water should we drink? This day starts off at a venue of our choice, but actually includes a trip to a local supermarket to show practically what choices are best, and how to choose the best options for you and your family. We help you understand labels, and cover elements such as free range, organic fair trade and locally produced foods. The course will cover how you can use foods as body tonics and even medicinally, when you know what active ingredients certain foods contain. Food preparation will also be covered, so that you can maximise the nutrient intake from your food. At the end of the course we will enjoy a food tasting session, so that you can try some foods that you may not have tasted before, but that may be a useful, healthy addition to your weekly shopping list.
Rejuvenation Day.*

This is special day just for you. If you have been tired, stressed or a bit run done, why not get a group of friends together for a treat. This day starts and finished with a powerful deep relaxation technique. Then a variety of treatment tasters at different “treatment stations” enable you to enjoy a variety of different therapies that you may always wanted to try but never experienced! Alternatively, this may provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a range of your favourite therapies all in one day. The day will be interspersed with fun and informative “sound bites” of information, and will include sessions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy and Creative Visualisation Techniques. You will finish your day feeling  deeply revitalised and  refreshed.










































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