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Many companies HR departments have reassessed the “Occupational Health” services they offer, in view of the current economical climate. Most have trimmed back both budgets in general and the work-force in particular. As a result, staff may be under a perceived or very real additional pressure, as they cover extra responsibilities, or feel less secure in their roles.

Whether current additional pressure is perceived or actual, overall stress levels tend to be higher, with the resultant impact on performance, an increase in sick leave or stress related absenteeism.

Companies themselves have an opportunity to find new and innovative ways of supporting their workforce. It is important that directors find positive ways of protecting themselves from the potentially substantial losses that can arise from staff going off with long-term health issues, or from expensive litigation.

The Body Mind Alliance has developed packages that specifically target these issues. Using a variety of services, we specialise in preventative healthcare. We offer services that help identify health issues before actual problems arise. We also offer additional specialist support for those whose health is already an issue.

The company also provides exciting incentive/reward packages, which include “in house” well being treatments and training, to reinforce good health and vitality.

Corporate Services
  • Health In The Workplace Seminars.
  • Vascular Health Check / Heart MOT.
  • Complementary Health Services.
  • Well being Intensive.
  • Healthy Holidays.
Health In The Workplace Seminars

Once a year, a seminar is presented to the entire workforce. The course content includes focusing on healthy lifestyle, preventative healthcare strategies, increasing energy levels, youthful ageing, and how to make stress work positively for all. It has a varied and participatory format, and each staff member leaves with a renewed sense of how to reinforce their health and well being pro-actively. It is fun and informative, and includes various deep relaxation techniques, NLP and TFT processes, and an information booklet with additional references and advice. The main emphasis of the course will vary each year, but will centre around health, well being and positive performance.

The seminar takes 6 hours, and the venue can be arranged by The Body Mind Alliance, or the service can be provided “in house”.

For further information regarding prices please contact us.

-Healthy foods and refreshments can be provided at extra cost.

Vascular Health Check/ Heart MOT
Side-stepping expensive private healthcare insurance, the Body Mind Alliance offers a full and extensive “Vascular Health Check”. This service uses the latest advanced technology – an LDX machine. This machine (currently being purchased by many Primary Healthcare Trusts), provides an extremely accurate and instant range of test results. This helps lead the healthcare practitioner to provide individually orientated recommendations. Individually orientated lifestyle advice and information is also given during this 45 minute session.

The Vascular Health Check (or “Heart MOT”) includes:

Full Cholesterol Count (good and bad fats)
Blood Sugar (diabetes check)
Blood Pressure
Liver Function Analysis
Body Mass Index

Tailored lifestyle advice will be given on issues such as:

Alcohol Consumption
Smoking Status

For further information regarding prices please contact us.

More Information: Heart MOT:
Otherwise known as “The Heart MOT”, the Vascular Health Check works on helping to prevent the three main forms of cardiovascular disease

Coronary Heart Disease: When the flow of blood to the heart becomes restricted, leading to heart attacks and angina.

Peripheral Vascular Disease
: A narrowing of the arteries in the legs.

: A condition caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the brain – caused by a burst or blocked artery.All these conditions are on the increase, and the most frequent cause is a build up of fatty deposits (cholesterol) in the arteries. This leads to a narrowing of the arteries, which limits the blood and oxygen flow, and causes stress to the system leading to one of the above. Cholesterol is a waxy substance made by the liver from  saturated fats in foods. We need some cholesterol to:
-Produce hormones

-For cellular renewal and repair
-For digestion too much of the bad cholesterol (LDL – Low density Lipos-proteins) clogs up the arteries, but high levels of the good cholesterol (HDL – High Density Lipoproteins) helps stop the clogging and takes the fats back to the liver to be disposed of harmlessly.

Complementary Health Services

A range of different health services can be provided to work “on-site” to help prevent stress related conditions, repetitive strain injuries and to boost energy and morale. The most popular of these services includes chair massage – which stimulates pressure points and can have an invigorating therapeutic effect in 20 minutes. Other therapies include Reiki, Osteopathy, NLP and Qi Gong.

These services can be provided in the workplace during the working day. They can be paid for by the company, subsidised or billed directly to the staff member.

For further information regarding prices please contact us

Wellbeing Intensive

When companies have a member of staff who requires intensive support, this package can provide an ideal addition to orthodox approaches. If a GP has given a diagnosis of stress, anxiety, depression or panic attacks, it can present a very unique set of concerns that require careful and sensitive handling. The approach needs to be pro-active and positive, to help avoid a long term absence, with all the personal and professional impact that can follow.
Following a detailed “Lifestyle Analysis Consultation”, (conducted at home if required), a unique combination of therapies is used to help the individual identify what factors have combined (some of which may originate outside the work environment) to create the symptoms. A new approach is then devised to help resolve the situation, and prevent re-occurrence in the future. Treatment combined with re-education is the key. Typical therapies may include hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The first session combines the consultation with an explanation of the treatments recommended, and an initial treatment. ( First session 3 hours, following sessions 1-2 hours weekly. Usual programme 6 weeks)

For further information regarding prices please contact us

Healthy Holidays

The Body Mind Alliance specialises in providing long weekend or week breaks that can be used to reward or incentives staff. The holidays are based in specially selected venues in: Suffolk, Scotland and Iceland.
Staff training by the company can be incorporated if required. Team building exercises can be provided.

Healthy treatments, great food and venues with plenty of opportunity for fresh air, exercise and relaxation are the specialty. A range complementary treatments are provided, with special emphasis on many different types of massage treatments, including Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Deep Tissue Sports Massage.

Cost: These holidays are specifically tailored to company and individual requirements, and therefore the costs vary accordingly.

For further information regarding prices please contact us


The Body Mind Alliance can help provide excellent, high quality conferencing venues within easy reach of London. Health and Well being services can be incorporated into training days if required, to create our popular “Training and Treatment” packages. This can help improve team building and communication,  boost staff morale and de-stress key team members. For further information, please contact Joannah.

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